The Message

Su Youpeng (Alec Su)

Searching for Liu San Jie
The Four Cupids
The Star and the Sea
Fit Lover
Winner Takes All

Su Youpeng (Alec Su) as Bai XiaonianSu Youpeng (蘇有朋,Alec Su) began his career in the entertainment industry in 1988, at the age of 15, when he joined the Little Tigers (Xiao Hu Dui). The trio became the first idol singing group in the Taiwanese music industry, attracting fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and within Chinese-speaking communities around the world.

In 1995, after the break up of Little Tigers, Alec Su embarked on a film career. His role as the fifth prince in the Taiwan TV series blockbusters Princess Returning Pearl I and II earned him acclaim, and he has continued acting in television productions. His most recent television production, Re Ai (aka Passion), a drama combining political, romantic and psychological themes in a 1950s setting, premiered on mainland China TV in April 2009.

In addition to television, Alec has acted in more than a dozen theatrical films produced in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China, and has also explored stage performance, starring in a production of the play Fragrance of Crysanthemums (Ju Hua Xiang), produced by the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, in the summer of 2006. From the last half of 2008, Alec Su has concentrated on film projects, working in a variety of genres from romantic comedy to historical biography to espionage thrillers.

Along with his TV and film work, Alec has released thirty top-selling albums, first as a member of the Little Tigers group and, starting in 1992, as a solo artist. His work includes music from several television and film productions, the most recent being a theme song, “Dai Zhe Ai” (“Bringing Love Along”), for the upcoming film The Four Cupids.

For his role in The Message as Bai Xiaonian, a former Kunqu opera star turned collaboration intelligence officer, Su spent four months with a private tutor from the Beijing Kunqu Opera theatre to study the singing and movement foundations of this demanding traditional craft.


Film Credits

The Star and the Sea (Xinghai), The Message (Feng Sheng), Searching for Third Sister Liu (Xun Zhao Liu San Jie), The Four Cupids (Si Ge Qiu Bi Te),
L-O-V-E (Ai Dao Di)
Fit Lover (Ai Qing Hu Jiao Zhuan Yi II: Ai Qing Zuo You)
My Grandpa's Home (Ye Ye De Jia / Wu Long Xiao Zi Liu Lang Ji)
Reunion (Shou Zu Qing Shen)
Devoted to You (Bai Fen Bai Ai Ni)
Winner Takes All (Da Ying Jia)
Cotton Fleece (Bai Mian Hua)
Red Lady (Hong Niang)
A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation (Xiao Qian) [voice]
Flirting Expert (Pao Niu Zhuan Jia / Zhong Qing Ai Qing Gan Jue), Pale Sun (Qing Se)
Forever Friends (Si Ge Bu Ping Fan De Shao Nian / Hao Jiao Xiang Qi)
Wandering Heroes (You Xia Er)



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